Trilogy Mortgage corporation

Trilogy Mortgage Corporation is an active Canadian mortgage company based out of Calgary, Alberta. The Company began when three elite brokers came together to form a partnership. The logo consists of a trinity knot with a circle drawn around it. This represents the three owners in the company along with their three most important values; Knowledge, Integrity and Loyalty.  The purple circle around the knot symbolizes protection as well as a connection that cannot be broken.

The colours chosen to create this corporate identity; purple and gold, were specifically chosen based on the profound meaning each colour holds. In cultures across the world, gold represents success, achievement and triumph. It is a colour that embodies Trilogy’s goal to achieve quality service and sophistication. Gold also reflects the team’s experience as it is a colour associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. The paired colour I chose, dark purple is a color that holds significant power. It is a colour of self-assurance, ambition and is associated with royalty and being

a leader.


Mail outs are sent as a scroll on elegant pearly paper and sealed with purple wax with the company logo embosed in it. Each signature is paired with a badge which consists of two hands, the company logo and a crown. It reads, “With these hands we give you out devotion and crown it with our loyalty”.


A couple of the company’s specialty items include an elegant trilogy bracelet and cuff links. These specialty items are given to clients as a token of appreciation for bringing their business to Trilogy Mortgage Corporation.


 * Recieved an Addy Award in 2015