Scuba Scarlett is an original handmade salt scrub and salty soap company based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. All our handmade soaps and scrubs are made with dead sea salt.


Why do we only use dead sea salt? Because we believe that quality is one article of trade that can never be compromised. Dead sea salt is rich in minerals and is essential for rejuvenating and healing skin. It has the ability to treat dryness by detoxifying, moisturizing and softening your skin.  It also promotes cell regeneration and can even reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 40%!



We Believe:

We believe that glamour is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Tan-lines fade but your healthy summer glow can last all year round. We believe in loving your skin; that commitment to an exceptional skincare routine is one of life's greatest successes and that a gal should never have to hide behind her makeup. We believe luminous skin is the best cosmetic and that it's OK to love your soap more than you love most people.



PS: We love our furry friends and that’s why we only test our product on husbands, brothers and boyfriends


*Original Brand

What's so fabulous about our Salty Soaps?

All of our soaps are packed with coconut milk. The marvelous thing about coconut milk is that it's packed with vitamin C, E and B (B1,3,5,6). This makes our soaps super fatty as we only use organic, non gmo coconut milk resulting in a very unique creamy lather.  Our gentle formula allows you to use it both on your body and face. Our product's are particularly benefit most dry skin conditions.


Another fabulous benefit of our unique array of coconut milk salty soaps is that they can all be used to wash your hair. Coconut milk does wonders in healing your hair and locks moisture in. The dead sea salt in our creamy blend will give your hair a fresh beachy look.


It is truly a 3 in 1 that gives your body, face and hair a sensual summer glow that all your girl-friends will envy you for. Just because you may not be on vacation doesn't mean you shouldn't look like it!


Our soap is sulfate and paraben free. It is an all organic formula that does nothing but nourish you body, face and hair; keeping all of their important natural oils intact.