Everyone knows that Red Lobster offers quality food at a reasonable price. So why is it in hot water?


The truth is, America's taste buds have changed drastically for a new breed of chain restaurant that are emerging — one that is a step above traditional fast-casual restaurants but is still more casual than a traditional sit-down. These restaurants include places like Panera and Chipotle. With today's fast paced society, American's want easy, fast and healthy food that they can scarf down quick so they can carry on with their day.


Nowadays when Americans DO decide to go to a sit down restaurants, they go for the atmosphere. For example, You would go to Yard House to have a beer and watch the game in good company.


That's why I tweaked Red Lobster's positioning and aimed at expanding the target market. I created a print and out-of-home advertisement to turn the brand towards a new and younger audience. It now focuses on a more adult crowd and stays true to it's Florida roots. It now comes across as a Beer & Lobster shack. My tagline was inspired by Ernest Hemingway (who also called Florida home): "No Hour of Life is Wasted When it's Spent Enjoying Beer and Lobster". This gives the company a casual "on vacation" feel for people to start 5 o'clock right!