*Original Brand


Lucky Lola is an original handmade lip balm brand based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. All our handmade lip balms are made with bees wax, sugar and are SPF 15.  Hydrate and protect your pout when you apply our matte array of colours that can be layered for a bolder look. Our natural sugar loaded balms gently exfoliate away dry, flaky skin. Apply before bed and wake up to the softest, most kissable lips of your life. Our balm is in a  vintage-inspired, metal tin which prevents balm from exploding all over your tote or purse.



PS: We love our furry friends and that’s why we only test our product on husbands, brothers and boyfriends



We Believe:

We believe in kissing, kissing a lot. That there's no such thing as having too many lip balms and happiness can be as simple as finding the perfect shade. We believe in being so good that they can't ignore you and when you want something done, pout like you really mean it.