Canon’s Above&Below Duel Lens Smart phone Camera Case Canon is releasing it’s “Wander, Don’t Wonder” campaign to presents the first dual-lens case designed specifically for smart phones. Have you ever wanted to take underwater photos while still capturing elements above the water’s surface at the same time? This product allows you to capture the best of both worlds. It takes two pictures simultaneously which gives the final product a split level effect. The best part is, you don’t need a top of the line camera, water proof your equipment, or take the time to learn how to perfect this skill with your camera’s single lens. All you need is your smart phone, Canon’s Above&Below Duel Lens Smart phone Case and download the free “Above&Below” app. This app will work as a tool to help you take professional looking photographs and smooth videos – every time! The two floating buoys can be detached so you can use the case wherever you go. This phone case simplifies this alluring technique of photography at a fraction of the price, protects your smart phone, is convenient to use and is accessible to everyone that carries one! How does it work? The case sits in the water and bobs like a buoy. This keeps your phone’s original camera lens above the water while the second lens built into the case disappears below the water’s surface. The weight in the two detachable buoys is distributed carefully, allowing your smart phone to float perfectly above and below the water. You will be able to preview both of the shots taken simultaneously with your smart phones LCD screen. This makes it easy to capture the perfect shot every time! What About the App? When you download Canon’s “Above&Below” app, you will be able to preview both of the shots taken simultaneously with your smart phones LCD screen. This will also allow you to review shots you’ve already taken. The Above&Below case and camera is not limited to pictures. It can also records video (slow-mo videos as well), panoramas and even has a timer so you can take pictures hands free. You can later edit and correct your photos with filters, mimic lens, and add captions. You are also able to mesh video footage together, add captions and even music! From there you can link your masterpiece directly to the web as well as your social media applications.

Canon is looking to partner with WATERSKI Magazine as it has been the #1 leading publication in the towed, water-sports community.


They have over 30, 000 subscribers (including over 600 digital subscribers).

-They have a very loyal reader base and have very personable relationship with their subscribers.

Issues: June: Full Page (4-colour) cost $17, 405 July-December: 1/2 page (4-colour) cost $28, 190 7 months Total $45, 595

Surfer magazine plays a huge role in the history of surfing as well as exploring its lifestyle and culture. It includes the most thrilling moments in surf history, surf articles, surf technology, surf techniques, surfboards, surf culture and of course surf photos. This will target a younger audience that is passionate about being in the water more often than not.

Issues: June: Full page (4-colour) cost $8,717 July-December: 1/2 Page (4-colour) cost $28,872 7months Total cost $37, 586



This specific decal would be showcased in zoos and aquariums across the country. They would be showcased in habitats where guests are able to see through glass that is both above and blow water. This would include penguin, polar bear, hippo, sea lion, orca, dolphin, turtle, frog, and beluga exhibits.

Discovery Channel:


Flighting will take place from its launching period on June 1st through August 17th. At the end of our flight advertising burst, we want to focus primarily on Discovery Channel. We want our commercials to be played most consecutively during Shark Week (August 10th-17th). The advantage to this is that advertising will be concentrated on the best purchasing cycle period and the series of commercials will appear as a unified campaign on different media vehicles. Also, we will be able to play off Shark Week and include it as part of our creative ad strategy. It will be relevant and attract more people to our product and app.


Throughout the 18th of August to the 30th of November the model will change and advertising will run less often.


At the beginning of December, we will switch back to our flight strategy briefly for the holidays.

Flighting & Continuous Pulsing Strategy

Generally zoos will attract people who are interested in wildlife, are well educated, have above household incomes and lead healthy, active lifestyles. Families and schools also attend zoos frequently. They also attract environmentally conscious individuals as well as tourists. All of these people fit in our target audience.

These large vinyl decals will stick right to the glass of these habitat. They are not expensive to manufacture and are

easily transferable. We will have them in 15 zoos and 10 aquariums across the country.