Butterfly World

Butterfly World is located in Coconut Creek, Florida. It presides over ten acres of aviaries and botanical gardens and is the home of a butterfly farm and research facility. The attraction currently does not have a consistent logo or professional presence. This inspired me to rebrand the company entirely.  The tag line "Discover Nature's Magic" encourages guests of all ages to explore life's tiny miracles and learn about the magnificent butterfly's magical transformation. The logo consists of a custom typeface I created that has an elegant and organic flow. The "W" becomes the body of a colourful butterfly. It's array of colours represent all of unique and vibrant butterflies you will discover in the vicinity.


*This project earned an Addy Award in 2015.

The Chronicle is a novelty journal I created that would be offered at the entrance of Butterfly World. The Journal is a soft cover 11 x 15 saddle stitched book that is made out of newsprint paper. In it you will find breathtaking photography, custom typography and vibrant illustrations. You will also discover the company's history, countless facts about butterflies along with a list and photos of all the butterflies, birds and plants in the facility. You can learn about the butterfly's cycle, the huge journey Monarch Butterflies endure, how they fly and even learn about their scales (yes butterflies have scales).


You will also learn how to make butterfly friendly gardens and learn about the "Save the Butterfly Campaign".


The Chronicle is also available as an app and has also been custom built for ipads.