A&W Global  Conceptual Rebrand



First things first; the logo: A logo can say a lot about a company. That's why  I recreated the logo to  scream: “HOME OF THE WORLD FAMOUS A&W ROOT BEER AND FROSTY MUG!”


A&W has so many firsts under their  belt that need to be utilized throughout their’s marketing. The fact that they are the very first fast-food restaurant in history,  the inventors of the

root beer float and home of the classic “frosty mug” has got to be recognized! Not only does this new logo honor the company’s most famous products but it also pays tribute to the time period of when the company was born.

Canada / USA

By the 1990s, Rooty's role as the brand's mascot was reduced and ultimately replaced by “The Burger Family”, (though he still makes appearances at restaurants every now and then and claimed his spot on the A&W Root Beer cases in Canada).  Rooty is now the main mascot for American chains.



My goal was to combine these two mascots, reclaim Rooty’s fame in Canada and introduce his whole family to both the Canadian and American chains. In Canada, there is a burger named after each member of the burger family: The “Papa Burger”, “Grandpa Burger”, “Mama Burger”, “Teen Burger” and “Baby Burger” (The American chain doesn’t have any of these burgers except for the Papa Burger) . I wanted to introduce Rooty’s family and have them be the new faces of each one of these blissful burgers.


Meet: Rooty (Poppa), Cindy (Momma),  A.J. (Teen), Emma (Baby) and Alfred (Grandpa)


Meet Rooty’s cousin Boomer! This is his family and you can find them at the  A&W chain down-under! The Outback-burger family also have their very own custom burgers that have been adjusted to Aussie taste buds. In North America you might not like the idea of Vegemite on your burger; but Boomer does!


Meet: Boomer (Poppa), Gizzy (Momma), Finn (Teen), Candice (Baby), Aurthur (Grandpa)


Meet Panit, the lovable panda from Thailand. Panit was a college exchange student and went to culinary school in California. That’s where he met his roommate and life long best friend, Rooty. After graduating from college, Panit moved back to Thailand and pursued his dream of becoming a chef. He loved American food and that’s what inspired him to open an A&W restaurant in Thailand. There, he features classic American burgers and ads his sweet and spicy Thai twist to them. Only in Thailand can you get your Poppa burger doused in Nam chim and sot Siracha. (Nam Chim is a sticky, sweet and spicy sauce made with dried chillies, fish sauce, palm sugar, lime juice and coarsely ground roasted sticky rice).


Meet: Panit (Poppa), Kamala (Momma), Asnee (Teen),

 Kaew (Baby), Kovit (Grandpa)


*All illustrations are original and registered under The Backwater Design Co.

Burger Family In House Graphic Posters

Specialty Burgers:

Each of these burgers are an example of how the A&W menu would adjust to different countries and cultures around the world. On the left side we have the “Boomer Burger” for Australia and on the right we have the “Spicy Panit Burger” for Thailand. My Goal is to have these countries modify the “Classic American Burger” and make it their own. Each country has a different flair and style of cuisine.


Limited Edition A&W Root Beer Six Pack:

A&W Root Beer is the #1 selling root beer in the world. Each of these six packs are designed specifically for the country in which they are sold. Though each set of bears has their own unique look, they all share one thing; they’re family. No matter where you go in the world, family is always #1. Thats why I associated A&W's #1 selling root beer with the #1 most important thing in all four corners of the globe: Family.

Limited Edition A&W Root Beer Six Pack: Australia

Limited Edition A&W Root Beer Six Pack: Thailand

guerilla Advertising

A&W has a hip new restaurant on wheels:

This new A&W food truck can be tracked in city’s near you. All you have to do is download the app and chase it down to get exclusive burgers that aren’t offered at your local A&W restaurant.

This food truck allows you to taste burgers from A&W restaurants around the world. It is only here where you can get your hands on the “Boomer Burger” or the “Spicy Panit Burger”.

With this truck, families are able to experience the same A&W burger as a family in another continent. This is a fun, exciting and worldly experience for consumers everywhere. It broaden their taste buds and allows them to discover all the different takes on a beloved A&W burger.