In Loving Memory

Grandma's Journey with

Pancreatic Cancer

From Olds, Alberta to Stralsund, Germany

The NanoKnife

Technology that can save Canadian Lives

"NanoKnife® provides a minimally invasive option for patients with inoperable or difficult-to-reach tumors, including tumors located near critical structures and major blood vessels in the body. Instead of using extreme heat or cold, which could damage normal adjacent tissues, the NanoKnife System uses electrical currents to destroy cancerous tumors." - Cancer Treatment Centers of America



Guess the finish time, support the Doris Rowland Nanoknife fund and win 50% of the total raised! Each $10 ticket purchased gets you one guess at my finish time as I attempt to break the Guinness World Record for fastest Half Marathon dressed as a Cowboy!


The person who correctly picks my finish time (or closest to) will win 50% of the total pot with the other 50% going to support the Doris Rowland Nanoknife fund and Pancreatic Cancer awareness.


Want to donate more than $10? Want multiple guesses to increase your chance of winning? Just select the amount of tickets you would like to purchase and with each ticket you can enter a different finishing time.


When you purchase your ticket ensure that you indicate your time in the fomat of HH:MM:SS. For reference the current World Record is 1:51:56, my fastest Half Marahton is 01:12:45 and I set the fastest Marathon dressed as a Cowboy in 02:42:14. Good luck!


It’s been said that it is hard to raise awareness of

pancreatic cancer because people who get it don’t live long enough.

Creating awareness and informing the public about pancreatic cancer is paramount to making real change happen.


IN 2017...


it is estimated that 87% of Canadians diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer will die.


5,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

4,800 Canadians will die from pancreatic cancer.


Grandma's Story

Grandma's Story


from Olds, Alberta to Stralsund, Germany